About Melisoft
Melisoft in 2019 with just a few members, Melisoft have been growing fast to be one of the leading IT corporation contributing to the high technology industry in Vietnam.

About Melisoft

Positioned to win on a global stage

Our Mission
We aim to make high-tech software development accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.
Our Vision
Vietnam is an open and a great potential market for business of all sizes. Melisoft want to contribute our strength to develop that market.

Our customers

Diverse Customers

Our customers are located in Australia, USA, Denmark and Vietnam. Melisoft has turned their ideas into millions-of-dollars worth businesses.

We are gradually growing into a software corporation in our own way.
Peter Hoang Nguyen
CEO Melisoft

Our value

What melisoft works around

Our employees
Melisofts focuses on training our employees to have the best skillset possible for our journey.
Technology and Process
We developed our platform and built a process in order to maintain the best quality products for our partners and clients.
Before starting a new project, we always research the field with help from experts. Because of that we can always be confident with our clients’ ideas.
Our products come with our services as well. As a result, our clients and partners’ satisfaction is our priority.

Our culture

Behind The Scenes

Our team all with different strengths compliments and supports each other like a family. Our workplace is also our home, which makes Melisoft a strong unity.