Blockchain Developer/Engineer

General information

10m - 30m
Fresher, Junior, Senior
Form of work
Full time
1 - 5 year
Trung Van Urban Area, Nam Tu Liem dist., Hanoi
Number of recruits


  • Develop, maintain and accredit Smart Contracts and application website blockchain
  • Take part in developing and optimizing blockchain protocols as well as building the architecture of blockchain systems.
  • Build, maintain and develop blockchain applications for Sidechain: Browser Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Bridges, Swap,...
  • Maintain stable and quality codebase, improve backend system performance.
  • Work on a back-end system with high availability requirements, ensuring scalability, security and maintenance within the system.


  • Graduate in Information Technology or related majors.
  • Blockchain development skills: Experience with Solidity, Web3, Ether.js, etc.
  • Backend development skills: Experience with Backend systems written in Node.js, Golang or C++
  • Knowledge of data structures, blockchain architecture and algorithms, smart contracts, web structures and cryptography.
  • Database framework expertise using any ORM
  • Experience in operating/structuring Databases (SQL and NoSQL), Storage, Analysis systems, Load Balancing,...
  • Creative thinking, passion for Backend and system development
  • Working with SCRUM/ Agile model
  • For Senior Blockchain Developer:
    At least two years of relevant work experience, detailed understanding of multiple blockchain ecosystems
    Experience in Algorithms, Data Structures and Optimization
    Knowledgeable in operating/structuring Big Data, Storage and Analysis Systems, etc.
    Experience in Message Queue Framework such as MQTT, RapidMQ, Kafka, Pulsar,...
    Good DevOps and Network Security skills


  • Wages: Fresher (10-13m), Junior (13-18m), Senior (19-30m)
  • Consideration for salary increase: Once per year
  • Social insurance paid according to regulations
  • Company's own insurance
  • Bonus on Tet holidays and other major holidays of the year
  • Company vacation once per year
  • There is a 13th salary month and bonus according to the year's contribution
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