The Latest Innovation Of Web3 In Real Estate Industry

NOV 15,2022
Long Trinh

The Real estate industry is robust with events about decentralized segments. Read this article to learn more about the application of Web3 in Real estate. 

The Concept of Blockchain In The Real Estate Industry

The concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are relatively new to the world. Yet, blockchain has proven its effectiveness in various categories, including gaming, art, travel, Internet-of-things, and Edtech. Though at its immature stage, the possibilities of blockchain in the real estate industry are endless if exploited properly. Today, let’s take a closer look at how digital tokens can revolutionize the real estate industry.

In recent years, the trends in the real estate industry are shifting to smart cities. These establishments provide a creative and efficient way to arrange housing networks, services, transactions, and city planning integration. As a result, the revolution does improve not only the quality of work-life balance but also sustainable energy and building performance. At the same time, the Blockchain market is also thriving with creative innovations and practical applications in real life, such as crypto transactions, digital asset management, and digital society.

The real question is, how can Web3 innovate the Real Estate industry? Blockchain, a product of Web3, acts as a decentralized ledger and open-source database for every transaction and registration. Technological components such as E-transactions, smart contracts, and other applications are the key to converting traditional documentation styles into transparent and secure asset tokenization protocols. In short, real estate properties are tied with decentralized NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) on Web3; with their unique and transparent nature, investors can acquire them securely and conveniently.

How Blockchain Is Influencing The Real Estate Industry

Image: Metaverse - The future of Blockchain Real Estate

The concept of integrating Web3 into the Real Estate industry is based on utilizing NFTs, blockchain, and other technologies to remove the need for third parties, including realtors, bankers, and brokers. Therefore, investors, buyers and property owners can save a lot of money on these factors. All participants in a real estate deal can skip the negotiation process with immutable digital assets and get right to the point. Take a look at the following benefits of Web3-based property deals.

Smart Contracts

Initially, smart contracts involve numerous terms and conditions for an agreement. With the help of blockchain platforms, these documents are converted to unique codes and distributed to relevant parties, in which registration, letter of offer and closing documents are irreversible and trackable. This implementation minimizes the involvement of bankers, lawyers and brokers.

Transparent Listing Services

The current real estate market mostly consists of private platforms by major corporations; therefore, it can be difficult to track and compare prices across platforms. People are still relying on traditional methods to keep track of transaction records. However, the information listed on each site can be easily meddled with, resulting in unstable measurements or fraudulent activities on these platforms. 

The appearance of Web3 in Real estate ensures that every step of closing a property contract is secured using a decentralized blockchain server. Users can make investments without worries about data leaking, price inflation, or misleading information.

Accessible Investment

With the Blockchain technology implementation, you can allocate funds and initiate partial ownership programs for specific digital assets. The tokenization process of an investment allows not just one but many people to own a part of an asset as a part of a shareholding program. This feature promotes liquidity in real estate and attracts medium and low investors to participate in the mutual agreement, as well as other features such as auctioning and charity.

A prominent example is Realbox.IO, a technology-driven real estate platform that converts real assets into NFTs and sub-units, where people can freely access, make investments and track the prices of real properties. Realbox.IO also acts as a marketplace for decentralized pieces of assets and tokens using Web3 technologies.

Real Estate In Metaverse

Another rising star in the blockchain market is Metaverse - NFT Real estate. It is a virtual platform where major corporations compete to own metaverse land for future investment. This virtual universe allows users to purchase, sell, rent, or trade parcels of land. In general, virtual lands are strikingly similar to the real estate market in the real world. However, at first glance, it may not seem like much of an opportunity for people who don’t understand blockchain technology. Nevertheless, the potential is limitless with the rising demand for metaverse plans. Another example is Decentraland, where virtual property ownership is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as a virtual shopping mall called “Metajuku,” which takes up 259 land parcels worth $912,228.


Blockchain-based platforms are changing the way people sell, buy and trade items using NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Though it’s not fully developed yet, the potential of blockchain methods is clear. We can believe in a future where any central entity does not control data but is shared freely for everyone to navigate and understand.

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