Top 5 must-know IT Outsourcing Trend in 2023?

JAN 18,2023
Trung Tran

2022 has wrapped up. Imagine all the challenges that businesses have experienced over the last few years! The epidemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, What comes after that?


Nevertheless, every crisis opens up fresh chances for the market's most powerful participants, who eagerly seize them. According to a PwC report, 60% of CEOs believe that in 2022, digital transformation will be their most important growth driver. To achieve strategic objectives, this procedure necessitates a large investment of time and energy. Businesses are therefore seeking for strategies that can hasten this process. One of them is IT outsourcing, which has become a magic wand that enables businesses to roll out new services and offers much more quickly.


We saw an unanticipated global movement in this industry this year. What then will the upcoming year bring for organizations in terms of IT outsourcing? Explore the fundamental predictions and trends for software outsourcing that can help you easily assign development projects in 2023 by scrolling down.


1. IT Outsourcing is gaining momentum

Companies experience a shortage of resources and talent to handle a constantly expanding workload as a result of the race for leadership. In order to prevent staff burnout and backlog, firms frequently request third-party assistance.


According to the most current Commit research, companies may expect an astounding 70% rise in outsourcing for software development between 2022 and 2023. Mid-sized companies and large corporations, meanwhile, need software development assistance to increase ROI and drastically improve customer experience within a short time frame. Smart IT outsourcing will soon become essential, according to Commit USA's CRO and Managing Director for North America Max Nirenberg. The pace of development is exploding, therefore there is no place for regression. Each business will make every effort to provide more value with fewer resources.


2. Enhanced data protection efforts

The government is under more pressure each year to ensure effective data protection. This problem continues to stand in the way of the digital transformation path despite all state efforts to make compliance procedures for firms simpler.


Companies carefully handle information and integrate technologies like 5G or IoT to prevent data leaks due to the variety of restrictions and possibility of severe penalties. Business executives once even made an effort to build sizable internal IT teams in order to keep sensitive information within their organizations. But it wasn't always a good idea to take that method. Fortunately, by developing thorough data protection policies and working in conformity with CCPA, GDPR, and other global and local laws, IT outsourcing service providers evolved become a sort of Mythbusters. Because of this, they are now allies for companies working to create highly secure ecosystems.


Technologies will always be a driving force behind the growth of the overall firm. As a result, companies should consider bringing in IT outsourcing teams in 2023 to monitor data security and develop reliable ways to ensure it.


3. Eastern European countries are now utilizing IT outsourcing.

The Russian-Ukrainian War altered market circumstances in Eastern Europe for IT outsourcing. It resulted in two significant changes that will impact its growth and operation in 2023.



First off, the majority of clients who worked with Russian and Belarusian software development companies began seeking out new trustworthy partners in nations like Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, etc. Such a trend appears to be here to stay, at least for a few more years. As a result, Eastern European providers have already altered their business plans to improve their product offers for fresh clientele.


Businesses that engage with Ukrainian vendors, on the other hand, were taken aback to see that a contract for local developers only included a part addressing force-majeure situations. The conflict had little to no effect on productivity across the majority of businesses. According to study conducted by the IT Ukraine Association and the law firm Sayenko Kharenko, none of the examined IT firms accomplished a full move outside. It indicates that Ukrainian suppliers are remaining on-site, exhibiting their maturity and adaptability in the face of unforeseen circumstances. The IT outsourcing sector in Ukraine may therefore be strengthened in 2023 as a result of increased credit.


4. The need for dynamic cooperation strategies

The battle demonstrated that a reliable, long-term alliance does not guarantee productive economic partnerships in the future. Businesses continue to strive for ongoing assistance with software development. The methods for negotiating terms of cooperation, however, might alter in 2023. Customers wish to advance, supported by adaptable cooperation techniques, in order to save money and prevent downtime. Most likely, they will favor a time & material payment approach over a fixed fee one, give project planning and deliverables terms more consideration, and so on.


Businesses might also work with multiple IT outsourcing service providers at once in this situation. For two or more software development projects, this choice is feasible. However, extensive collaboration builds a backup plan and offers a consumer comprehensive expertise. For vendors, this entails discussing best practices and personal experiences in order to apply this information to future business endeavors.


5. Businesses now demand higher standards.

Have you noticed how businesses court clients by offering extra benefits and values? Vendors have recently assisted customers with the creation of solutions, their promotion, integration with current ecosystem components, and guidance for business executives on the next steps in the digital transformation process, among other things.


One of the features of the IT outsourcing market is the addition of more non-technical values. With this integrated strategy, consumers may work with just one provider to meet their essential business needs. It implies that the range of these numbers seems certain to expand throughout the course of the upcoming year.


Who knows, but it's likely that providers of IT outsourcing services will change their business strategies so they can serve as consultants, analysts, developers, and marketers all in one for their clients.



After years of discussing the digital revolution, New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern once acknowledged that "COVID-19 expedited our pace by years." Companies were forced to move quickly from big ideas to actions due to the current economic crisis. But all technological endeavors require pertinent assistance. The Melisoft team will work with you to create powerful and usable apps that will get your strategic objectives closer.


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