DEC 30,2022
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Working in the IT industry, you must have heard of terms like outsourcing, offshoring, onshoring, etc. Going for a specific concern, what actually is the term “Offshore”? Is it good for your business? When should you consider offshore services? Let's go check it out!



What is Offshore in the IT industry?


Offshoring is basically a solution involving relocating your business operations to a foreign country. Medium to big enterprises and businesses have faced challenges for many years, including the need to produce results, address urgent issues, save costs, enable increased income, and offer more value to their operations.


Since these difficulties are unavoidable, particularly for businesses with a quickly expanding customer, certain business approaches and strategies have been employed to meet the expectations, or should we say, to minimize the above risks.


Companies start to consider whether or not to transfer the task to an onsite model or a domestic branch that is also controlled by the corporation. In certain cases, these enterprises are permitted to order services from other companies in the region or nation.


This practice is known as outsourcing in business. However, some businesses extend their operations internationally in an effort to save expenses. The term for this action is called Offshoring. Offshoring should not be mistaken with outsourcing. The latter indicates that staff from a partner firm handle your business operations. On the other side, your business employs an offshore crew, but they just don't work in the main office.


Is Offshoring advantageous?


Knowing the basic concept of Offshoring, here are 4 significant reasons why you should consider this method for your company's development:


  1. Access to skilled labor and reduced labor costs

Finding a qualified individual at a fair labor cost might be challenging given the high cost of living in industrialized nations.


Top offshore nations like India, China, and Malaysia instead provide access to a large pool of trained workers. Due to their lower cost of living when compared to developed nations like the US and UK, you may hire people from these countries for a cheaper labor cost.


Offshoring can minimize or even eliminate the cost of hiring in addition to lowering labor costs. For instance, if you partner with an outsourcing service provider, they'll have the experience and human resource resources needed to match your firm with the ideal trained workers.


  1. General cost savings

In comparison to the United States, offshore nations offer substantially lower levels of remuneration and perks aside from salary. Employers can save money by having employees based in the United States at cheaper prices for Medicare taxes, Social Security benefits, health insurance, workers compensation, and other charges. 


In developing nations like the Philippines, India, and other nations that are economically advantageous for labor-intensive businesses like manufacturing and contact centers, the cost of utilities, infrastructure, and materials is also lower.


  1. 24/7 Availability

By using overseas subsidiaries or contracting with offshore service providers that operate around-the-clock, businesses can cover time zones that are not currently covered by their activities. In the case of business process outsourcing, the local team in the U.S. might hand off incomplete tasks to the offshore team so that a project can be worked on continuously until it is completed.


  1. Tax advantages and financial perks

Your foreign labor force might assist you in discovering new markets in various international locations if you own an offshore firm in another nation.


An employee that works remotely could be able to provide you with deeper insight into their markets, geographical trends, and company hazards that you might not be aware of. They can assist you in locating lucrative offshore locations where you may do business.

Despite the fact that offshoring has numerous advantages for those nations where the company is conducted, doing so has several inescapable difficulties that might put your company at serious danger. Challenges of offshoring services are much more alike with outsourcing’s risks than you may know, it is important to acknowledge those and prepare for the possibilities of obstacles. 


When to use Offshore services?


Considering the above benefits of offshoring, are you ready to use offshore services yet? No, you should not!


Based on the situation of your business, you should consider using the services when it is the right time.


It is evident that outsourcing may help organizations recover with sufficient investigation. Therefore, the issue of "When is the optimum moment to move offshore" is not one of why, but rather of when. When you locate a trustworthy partner with shown competence in the area of your want, it is the ideal moment to offshore. Globally, several regions are becoming centers for specialized services and technology. This is influenced by a variety of things. A logistics center could be located close to a port that has quick access to factories. The optimum location for a technology hub is adjacent to ICT centers and a talented pool of resources.


Nowadays, outsourcing is all about knowledge and creativity. Process improvement is the current focus of outsourcing. Offshoring is presently done to raise the caliber. Businesses are outsourcing the job in which they lack expertise. Savings are only a profitable result of offshore; it is not the main objective. As was previously said, 57% of US businesses are now outsourcing in order to concentrate more on their core competencies.


Do keep in mind: The best time to offshore was yesterday, but better late than never.


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