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OCT 27,2022
Long Trinh


The dynamic software market is developing, with new and innovative solution services demand increasing rapidly. Information technology (IT) has experienced a skyrocketing development ever since the bloom of the Vietnamese economy and the penetration of foreign information services via numerous platforms.

With the rise of the industry, we, Melisoft, are proud to present ourselves as one of the most competitive and experienced software companies in the Vietnamese market. Our services offer a wide range of software and technology support for new entrepreneur ideas, giving them an opportunity to bloom into successful businesses.

Our Services

Bootstrap tech startup

From the beginning, our mission has been to support and provide a means to bring entrepreneurship ideas to real life. In such a dynamic market environment as Vietnam, a good technology bootstrap is vital to nurturing a new business.

To start your business, we offer a bootstrap in the technology system within your business to ensure a smooth, safe and convenient beginning in your business model. All information, data, and statistics will be smoothly conveyed and displayed as you wish.

Offshore software development

Our expertise also extends to the foreign needs of outsourcing management softwares. In the vast waves of software outsourcing from the West, we stand as the top choice for businesses to seek offshore software solutions.

As experts in software development, we will take the responsibility of development and maintenance for your software without any limit of location or time. We offer our clients the fastest and most convenient software services and timely support to save time and effort.

Web Application Development

With more than 10 years of experience in web development, our software quality remains one of our strongest possessions. With thorough planning from the beginning to the end, our clients’ finalized website has a clear and easy-to-use interface from both the front-end and back-end.

Our services include:

  • UI/UX Design
  • MVP and proof of concept
  • CMS website development
  • Responsive websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Payment systems integration
  • Content migration & import

Mobile Application Development

Looking forward to reaching out to new users on mobile? Our clients benefit from our amazing mobile application services on multiple platforms, including IOS, Android, native application development and custom mobile apps. We also offer mobile App maintenance and mobile App UX and UI design for our clients.

Blockchain / AI / Big Data

We are here with the solution for the latest and most advanced blockchain service in order to ensure cyber security for our client’s digital assets. Our service includes AI development for the client’s system, allowing them to utilize their efficiency to spend more time on other projects.

With Big Data implementation, we ensure that our client’s databases are handled properly in a reasonable and efficient management pattern. For reference, we are proud to be one of the core contributors to our client’s business, REALBOX.IO. To us, our client’s satisfaction is the most important to our success.  

Quality Assurance Service

Aside from designing and building your product as requested, we also ensure that your websites and applications work properly and meet all standards. The Melisoft team’s dedication to satisfying the customer’s needs is unmatched, and so is the quality of our work.


We take pride in our work to show you the value of our product in every single detail. The dynamic market of Vietnam is wide open. Be an efficient, independent entrepreneur and contact us now to get the best service from Melisoft and become the leader in your field!

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