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OCT 18,2022
Long Trinh

Melisoft's management team are talented members, seasoned with experience in the field of technology and software development. Scroll down for more information about the Melisoft team.


Since the first day of formation, the Melisoft team has shared a burning passion: to deliver the best product and user experience for our clients. In the software development field, we strive to offer the highest quality in every detail of our work to bring satisfaction to our beloved customers.

To achieve it, we, the humble yet passionate employees and managers, will always desire to learn and perfect our work no matter how much time and effort it takes. Meet us, the talented software development team that will make your dream business come true.

Management Team

Peter Hoang Nguyen / CEO-Founder

Mr. Peter Hoang Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Melisoft, with years of experience in software and product development. He is the person that led Melisoft and many other entrepreneurs to success, including, as the CTO/Co-founder of the modern real estate investment website.

As the CEO of Melisoft, he shares his passion with his fellow employees and partners. One of his main focuses is to support, advise and assist new businesses to stand on their feet with a new advanced technology and software development system specialized for their business in order to save cost and pursue sustainable growth.

Giang Phan / COO

Melisoft’s Chief operating officer, Mr. Giang Phan, is an efficient man when it comes to his expertise, Information Technology. He has more than eighteen years of experience in Software Engineering and technological solution, with a burning passion for digital construction, much like the CEO.

His experiences range from global digital transformation to personal business startups throughout the years. While working with his team, he manages his team, checks for mistakes and ensures that the operation goes according to plan.

Steve Tran / Co-Founder

In terms of experience, Mr. Steve Tran is one of the most competent members of the management team. He has an eventful past, as he studied at Australian National University, won Bronze Medal twice in the Vietnam Mathematics Olympiad for gifted high school students and once in the Asia Pacific Math Olympiad for high school students.

Aside from his wondrous profile, he has experience working at Nokia Helsinki. He is also the founder of and co-founder of His relentless efforts are also reflected in the fact that he is the author of the SandPHP framework and Xpeak English.

Tam Vo / Co-Founder

As the man ahead of time, Mr. Tam Vo is one of the first people to bring bitcoin exchange to Vietnam, as the founder of Remitano, the first bitcoin exchange marketplace with permanent zero fees and escrowed P2P. Thanks to his work, people can buy and sell Bitcoin safely and easily.

At Melisoft, he is in charge of the blockchain section and helps team members get used to the platform, no matter how hard it takes.

Other Members

Contributing to the success of the Melisoft team, we also have Mr. Cong Pham, head of the Mobile development team; Mr. Lam Nguyen, head of the Web development team; Mr. Diep Do, Melisoft’s technical leader and Mrs. Toska, the Business development manager.

Together, we connect, manage every aspect of the company and make sure that things go according to the plan so the company lives up to its motto: “Your passion, our mission.”

The Melisoft Family

Under the leadership of the management team, we are a young and talented software development team that will try our best to contribute to the company’s success. We work relentlessly as a team to support each other and satisfy our client’s demands.

We understand that there are numerous ways to fulfill a given function. Every day, every department in the corporation strives to continually improve how we conduct business. By providing top-notch solutions to boost the client’s competitive advantage, our vision is to become a top global software service provider.


For your startup, you will need a passionate team of professionals to transform your business with technology. Don’t hesitate to contact us now! Get your competitive advantage and become a winner in the dynamic Vietnam market!

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