MeliPlatform - The top-notch technology platform for startups is worth $3 million

OCT 27,2022
Long Trinh

We proudly present to you our latest technology product: Meliplatform. What makes it so special? How can it revolutionize your organization? Come and find out.

Introducing MeliPlatform - The top solution for startups.

At some point, everyone dreams of starting their own business startup. But only a few are determined to build their own business, and even fewer are still withstanding after a few years. There is so much to think about but too little time to deal with technological issues. How would they manage everything with so little time?

One of the most important factors is the technological base to survive in such a dynamic market as Vietnam. The most probable solution for this issue is hiring developers for startups. 

With the rise of the demand for offshore developers, app developers and programmers for startups, the industry is getting busier than ever. But there is no common language among the developers; there is no way they can build a coherent system among numerous platforms. It takes too much time and effort to merge the process and make things go smoothly.

That is where MeliPlatform, an efficient platform for startups, comes in. Check out this article to learn more about how MeliPlatform can help startups materialize their business.

Current situation and the rise of MeliPlatform

Generally, 80% of activities in a software development project are repeated all over and over again. However, coding can easily be mixed among complex tasks for large and long projects, making most products short-lived after a while. Developers are exhausted and quit their jobs. Business development team cannot work with the unfinished product or do-over. This endless cycle is a painful lesson for software developers who put their hearts into the product.

To find the solution, project leaders tend to seek high-quality remote developers for their teams, especially in key positions like the technological leader or CTO. The job is simple, but it’s another story for a new startup to acquire experienced human resources to work on their projects.

In 2020, MeliLab was born as a result of all these hardships, by the dedication of a team of engineers with more than 15 years of experience in software development. The mutual goal of this platform is to build a highly inheritable technology platform where you can easily materialize your startup project with a single programming language, from the back-end and front-end to mobile software and databases. 

Upon arrival, MeliPlatform has successfully proven itself as a competent project domestically and internationally. Compared to similar projects, only half of the usual number of team members are needed for MeliPlatform. MVP timeframe is faster, between 1 to 3 months. The average time developers need to build a website function is 2 hours.

Break-through achievements of MeliPlatform

Technically, MeliPlatform provides a set of engines that allows the user to convert JSON configurations into different components on the system. This method helps reduce up to 80% of simple configuration tasks and save time for other major project tasks.

This advantage helps clarify the procedure, lean and easy maintenance. All they have to do for new features is copy, paste and edit the configuration.

Aside from being time-efficient, this advantage helps junior app developers work in a similar manner to senior developers, reducing costs for business leaders and increasing employment opportunities.

In addition, using a single-language platform has a positive effect. All solidity developers must know Javascript, in which they would find this satisfying to use available languages for all platforms. They wouldn’t abandon your startup just because they need to learn more about back-end, front-end and mobile.

MeliPlatform also offers a new perspective for app developers, including numerous presets and functionalities with hundreds of components that can be recycled, which is to boost development speed.

In terms of bug-checking, the platform has an automatic error-tracking mechanism. Developers can avoid hidden mistakes before launching final products.

In early 2022, MeliPlatform was announced to be worth $3 million and received an investment from an individual investor from Remitano, a long-standing and secure digital currency platform in Vietnam and many countries. This individual investor commented, “MeliPlatform was built to help Vietnamese startups quickly build and materialize their business model.

Using this advantage, founders can focus on maintaining and developing their business connections while reducing pressure on technical infrastructure. MeliPlatform, with experience in software development, especially in fintech and cryptocurrencies, will be a helpful companion for founders to create positive values for society during the global blockchain influence.”

Final Verdict

As a startup founder, you must know best to nurture your dream business and divert your time and effort into major tasks. MeliPlatform can help you. We can help you. Learn more here and decide what’s best for your business. The dynamic and competitive market of Vietnam awaits those who are determined to rise to success.

Contact us for more information. Let us be of your assistance and help you win.

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