Custom Web Development Vs. WordPress Development

DEC 02,2022
Long Trinh

What is the best software for web development? Is it WordPress or any other custom tool for developers? Read this article and find out now!

As the owner of a brand new business establishment, you would need a professional website to interact with your clients. There are two options: Custom Web Development and WordPress development, each has their own pros and cons. Which development method should you choose for your business?

Depending on your organization’s size, budget, time frame and technical requirements, your final product’s requirements may vary. WordPress-based websites are common and cost-efficient for most businesses, while custom web development can give your organization a sense of exclusivity and professionalism. 

Let’s take a look at a breakdown between the two methods of web development.

WordPress Development

WordPress has long been recognized as a reliable tool for new developers to freely design their website as they wish. Despite being an open-source platform, WordPress’s source code cannot be modified by anyone, however, they would have to install additional plugins and themes to run the platform itself. 

WordPress is written in PHP, a complex coding language that can be easy to learn but hard to master. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of technical skill to develop a website from WordPress itself, from building custom templates to content allocation.

In general, a WordPress developer is a PHP developer who is knowledgeable of WordPress’s core structure and specializes in developing websites using WordPress. They are responsible for designing site architecture and aligning with search engine optimization and Google verification. 

Technically, WordPress developers only specialize in designing websites using WordPress itself, with little to zero interaction with the source code. They have the following responsibilities while designing a website:

  • Using WordPress to design, build website structure, implement and manage WordPress-based websites.
  • Adding new features or modifying old ones.
  • Install plugins and additional themes to ensure stable performance in all environments.
  • Monitoring performance and handling issues should errors arise.
  • Control and manage front-back interface and other aspects of the website.

Being a popular, fully functional platform for web designing and web management, WordPress developers are debatable for being real developers or not. Basically, they must have a certain degree of knowledge regarding programming language and coding skills, as well as experience in PHP, CSS, HTML and other languages. 

Nevertheless, compared to a custom web developer, they are less knowledgeable about the source codes of the websites themselves.

As mentioned, WordPress is a popular platform for websites around the world, therefore, there are millions of other websites that are built on WordPress. They are easy to build, time efficient and less costly to initiate. 

In nature, WordPress is a common platform for blogging management systems and website builders; therefore, their flexibility is limited. There are professional web development platforms that are better with more functions, allowing developers to freely exploit and manage.

Let’s take a look at how custom web development works out for your organization!

Custom Web Development

Custom web developers start from scratch. They develop and maintain advanced and customizable websites for their clients using various CMS platforms and other development frameworks. Their foundational solution does not limit to any specific framework or tools, including Django, Zend, Node, etc.

In terms of front-end programming languages, custom web designers are proficient with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, much like WordPress developers. However, when it comes to Back-end programming technique, they can use a wide variety of languages: Java, C#, Python, etc.

The most important trait that distinguishes custom web development and WordPress development is flexibility. Check out how a customized web can assist your business:

  • Uniqueness: Unlike common websites that were built on WordPress, your web is 100% unique that was built by expert designers.
  • Sustainability: A customized website is an excellent choice for long-term investment. As your business grows, your engineers can constantly update new features without being limited to certain aspects.
  • Excellent UX: Your web product is built for your customers, delivering an exclusive experience for your users instead of a common platform for all types of web.
  • Complexity: The advantage of building a website from scratch is that you can constantly upgrade your website’s complexity by modifying and upgrading features without any limitation.
  • SEO: Custom web development allows you to build and take advantage of Search Engine Optimization, allowing web owners to rank up on Google Ranking.
  • Security: A well-built web is better at defending against cyber threats than a web built on a common open-source software.

As efficient as it is, custom web development also has some downsides. It takes much longer and significantly more expensive than usual web development. Moreover, your engineers should be very proficient in their job, or they might have trouble taking care of your product in the long run.

Nevertheless, the benefits of a customized web outweigh its downsides. As your organization grows, you would need a strong web foundation for all activities, which is why custom web development is the key to sustainable development.

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