Who Are Tech Startup Advisors?

NOV 26,2022
Long Trinh

To establish your business properly, you will need an objective evaluation from a professional tech startup advisor. Let’s learn more about them!

The Tech Startup Situation in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top countries for startup development. There has been tremendous investment in tech startups since 2021 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the country to turn to digitalization in most parts. According to the National Agency of Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization, the total capital of investment in Vietnamese startups has reached $1.3 billion, which is 4 times higher than in 2020. Being one of the most dynamic startup industries in Southeast Asia, next to Singapore and Indonesia, Vietnam holds tremendous growth potential in the near future.

Despite the great rate of new startup development, many failed in the process. According to research by Nextans, more than 95% of Vietnamese startups fail in the second year, with only a few “unicorns” that built the startup successfully. If the startups couldn’t make a proper strategy to brace for the impact, they wouldn’t be able to compete in such a dynamic environment.

As a result, entrepreneurs are looking for experienced startup advisors who understand the ins and outs of a successful startup. They are different from usual mentors, consultants or coaches who specialize in a certain field of work. What makes them special is their experience in the startup business.

Who Are Tech Startup Advisors?

Startup advisors are experts in helping new businesses get on their feet and thrive. They have a lot of experience in running businesses, having already been through many ups and downs. Advisors will help you gather information about the industry, look at your company infrastructure, search for potential angel investors, etc. They can also build an digital agenda for the employees in order to clarify tasks, responsibilities and arrangements for the company’s resources.

With proper analysis and insightful recommendations, a skilled advisor can offer an objective perspective from outside of your organization. Their opinions are unbiased and can help your organization get a better overview, pinpointing errors and mistakes within your system. Therefore, you can avoid potential pitfalls that preceding startups have fallen into.

How Can Tech Advisors Help?

Fill Critical Gaps

One of the most important jobs of a tech advisor is to identify gaps and errors within an organization’s system. Recruitment is one thing, but knowing how to allocate your resources is another matter vital to an organization. Tech advisors will also help you choose the right personnel for vacant technical positions and arrange a convenient work schedule for them.

Business Assurance

Instead of short-term accomplishment, a seasoned advisor focuses on your business’s growth in the long run. They guide you to sustainable methods of achieving success in the long term, though some of them might be costly at first. For example, it is very important to have a strong technology foundation to ensure your enterprise’s sustainable growth in the future.

Improve Credibility

Not only internal development, but tech startup advisors also help boost your organization’s credibility by expanding your network. They can help you build a strong image of your enterprise and make positive impressions on the investors, allowing you to attract more funding and development opportunities. With proper leverage, your organization will score your customer’s hearts and strengthen your relationship with them.

How To Find Advisors?

To ensure your organization’s survival in a competitive market like Vietnam, you will need to take careful measures. Consider the following options:


The first method is through your professional network. Try looking up experts in your expertise by asking fellow entrepreneurs or people with the same interests. Take advantage of social media to get in touch with talented people and establish professional connections.


The best way to find experts is by joining specialized communities. That includes participating in online groups and joining social events, such as grand openings or anniversaries. It would help if you were diplomatic and not hesitate to catch up with your peers. Try to get attention to your startup and show off what you can offer to the community.


Email marketing is one of a potential advisor’s most effective modern strategies. Keep in mind that you must know how to logically present your emails and send them to the right people. It is recommended to utilize your pitching strategy with a professional platform such as LinkedIn, where you can connect with professionals and form your own connections.

If you are interested in finding suitable technology advisors for your startup, you wouldn’t have to look further. Melisoft offers the best technology consultant for your organization while offering great opportunities to develop and expand your business. Contact us now and learn more!

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